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2020 Nissan Rogue: Meet America’s Best SUV for Dogs


Pet parents across America would do just about anything for their dogs—for instance, buying the Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs (Rogue Dogue), an SUV specifically designed for pups. Nissan’s now-defunct concept crossover featured several canine-heavy built-ins: a 360-degree dog shower, hairdryer, slide-down ramp, spill-proof bowls, wipe-clean leather, a second-row dog hammock, and even a special onboard Puppy Cam. The lengths people will go to for their fur-babies.

Nissan Rogue

But for the more practical pet owners among us, a more practical dog-friendly SUV will do just fine, thank you very much. Enter the 2020 Nissan Rogue, X-Trail’s American cousin. Fitted with the right OEM accessories, the new Rogue is perfectly capable of handling a road trip with large broods and large breeds. Take a look.

Intelligent Around View Monitor

Fabio-esque locks of fur are no match for Nissan Rogue’s 360-degree camera system. Intelligent Around View Monitor provides a fully virtual, bird’s-eye view of your rogue, allowing you to reverse and parallel park like a pro—even when Spot’s drooling jowls are taking up the entirety of your rearview mirror. You can select from split-screen and curbside views for close-ups, and if your maneuverability is lacking, the system’s pop-up notifications will help you avoid pesky mailboxes.

Dynamic Driving

Nissan Rogue’s advanced technology eliminates the type of bumps that dog claws and leather seats hate.

  • Intelligent Engine Brake smoothly decelerates the Rogue when coming to a stop or taking a turn.
  • Intelligent Trace Control reads and reacts to road curves in advance, even braking individual wheels as needed.
  • Active Ride Control automatically applies the brakes and adjusts torque when the Rogue hits a speed hump.

Away with you, scratched seats! Scram!

Dual Panel Panoramic Moonroof

Dogs can look up, no matter what the internet says. Give him something to gaze at with Rogue’s amazing Dual Panel Panoramic Moonroof.

Rogue Tailgate

Motion Activated Liftgate

Arms full of Spot’s traveling gear? Just kick underneath your Rogue’s rear bumper to activate the magic liftgate. The liftgate open-sesames to a cavernous 70-square-foot cargo area, which would appear to be the perfect size for a mobile doggie office. The rear cargo area even features a unique lowerable floor and hidden underfloor compartment.

Authentic Nissan Accessories

Add a little flavor to your dog’s Rogue with a genuine Nissan accessory. An all-season cargo area protector will ensure dirty paws and too-long claws don’t turn your SUV into a portable mudroom; they’re also easy to install and can be completely removed and sprayed clean in about 34.52 seconds. Or stick with a heavy-duty carpeted protector, professionally installed by your nearest Nissan dealer. (Order your OEM Nissan Rogue accessory from us, and we’ll give your dog a scratch behind the ear!)

Want to learn more about all the best dog-friendly features in the 2020 Rogue? Head to McCarthy Nissan of Lawrence to take the Rogue for a spin around the block. Our sales team would happily show you what’ll make Spot a happy pup. Call our Lawrence Nissan dealership at (785) 856-7127 to make an appointment or ask about our current Nissan special offers.

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